What We Do



Eneteq have a wealth of Energy Service Company (ESCO) and broader energy market experience gained through our work establishing and operating new ESCO’s for a number of UK based blue chip organisations. Eneteq are able to offer a range of consultancy support services from initial concept well into operation of any ESCO scheme.

We continue to assist our customers establishing and operating their ESCO’s through our range of consulting services which include technical modelling, solution design, commercial modelling, commercial management, risk profiling, regulatory compliance, legal structuring and scheme project management.

This comprehensive range of support services backed by our strong track record of delivery ensures our clients are well informed and supported throughout our engagement.



Eneteq can offer a full service offering from initial design of a heat network through installation and project management to final commissioning. Collectively, we have 25 years’ experience gained working both in the construction industry and, specifically, for Energy Service Companies, so we understand what the customer demands. We are able to support our clients through the stages preceding design to ensure a project is commercially viable, technically deliverable and optimised and ensure final project returns are in line with these pre-installation commercial targets.

We will work with you and bring solutions and enhancements to your scheme. Eneteq has been involved in some of the most prestigious and technically demanding projects in the market and are able to draw on a wealth of industry experience from within our team. When this is combined with our partnership with Powerpipe, a market leading pipe manufacturer, this creates a unique and value added offering to our customers.



Our partnership with Powerpipe AB and extensive experience of designing and installing kilometers of pre-insulated pipe means we can identify and mitigate issues before they arise and assist customers in integrating a successful heat network into their project.

Eneteq’s key differentiator is its ability to deliver projects on time to market leading quality standards. Our robust quality processes are implemented by a dedicated project management team lead by an experienced Project Manager acting as a single point of contact for the customer. Where multiple projects are undertaken, this is complemented with an Operations Manager overseeing and driving all programmes to ensure that all project delivery issues are coordinated and communicated directly with the client from initial tender stage to final handover. Our commercial team are fully involved in the programme continuously monitoring cost to target and closely managing our supply base.

We will work flexibly around the client’s programme, integrating our site-based delivery into the overall project with minimal effect on general site operations. Our in-house resources are trained both on site (in the UK and Sweden) and at our partner Powerpipe’s factory to the highest industry standards. We appreciate the investment our clients make and the expectation of product life which can only be provisioned with care and attention to detail.



Handing over the right solution to our customers means delivering one which is fit for purpose and set to outlast its warranty. Our range of commissioning services ensure that we follow an effective step by step process when handing over your project.

All mechanical joints are individually pressure tested and continual monitoring of the leak detection system through each joint develops a measurable baseline for future maintenance.

We accurately GPS record all pipe and joint positions and adopt a comprehensive on site non-destructive testing regime that upholds our robust product quality control. All networks are flushed and where specified chemically cleaned prior to air and hydraulic testing.

District Heating Networks


Traditionally heating and hot water supplies to UK properties have been designed from standard utility connections to gas and electricity networks. Each property uses individual boilers or immersion heaters to provide heating and hot water. This solution does not necessarily always provide for the inclusion of renewable energy sources.

The UK is working towards the achievement of reduced carbon reduction targets and increased use of renewable energy by 2020 and legislative changes are driving a change to our energy delivery. This is resulting in the use of more community or district heating solutions where heat, usually in the form of hot water, is produced centrally and piped to buildings and end consumers. Central production allows the use of larger and more efficient plant and provides the opportunity to include energy sources which would not be viable on an individual property basis. As well as renewable energy sources such as biomass, these can also include waste energy from power stations, industrial processes, waste processing, and combined heat and power (CHP) plants.

The term Community Energy generally refers to supplying heat (and may include cooling) to more than one property from a common source. A district heating system is usually taken to mean the provision of community energy over a wider area supplying between a few hundred and several thousands of properties. District heating typically comprises several elements:

  • The central energy centre with heat generation equipment (often low carbon, renewable technology)
  • A transmission pipe (Heatline)
  • A district heating network using highly pre-insulated pipes to minimise heat losses
  • Heat substations
  • A secondary distribution network
  • Consumer Heat Interface Units (HIUs) between the network and the end user(a thermal substation supplying a whole building or individual heat interface units, similar to an individual gas boiler, supplying each property).
  • Metering

HDPE Electrofusion Jointing and Leak Detection


Eneteq work in partnership with Mittel Fjarrvarme Sweden’s global joint and leak detection specialist as the UK’s only approved Mittel joint installer Eneteq. Eneteq can offer a specialist joint installation service supporting general contracting organisations with specialist technical skills and equipment ensuring the formation of the pipe joints is carried out to the highest industry leading standards by trained experienced engineers underwriting the provision of the Mittel product warranties.

Through our highly trained engineers Eneteq also provision a range of leak detection services utilising the latest TDR technology and software Eneteq can survey existing pipe installations, maintain regular network survey data and identify leak locations, facilitating repairs as instructed.